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RHT is based in Hong Kong, with offices in Macao, Mainland China and Indonesia. We also work with partners in Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and North America. Our team has served more than 500 clients from the public and private sectors, including medical, governmental, education, commercial, hospitality and housing industry. All these now see the benefits and appreciate our innovative and effective air treatment technology.


HSBC’s prestigious data centre is situated adjacent to a landfill area and the odour from it entered the building via the fresh air system causing employee distress and health concerns.

Our custom built engineering system RA-805 was installed ‘in line’ of the building fresh air system to remove the VOCs, bacteria and odour included in the airflow.

This resulted in the removal of the strong odour and any potential health issues.

  • Industry - Commercial Sector - Leading Bank Worldwide
  • Problem – Continuous strong odour from landfill nearby
  • Solution – RA-805 engineering fresh air unit

Hong Kong International Airport

One of the world’s largest international airports with over 73 million passengers and 5 million tons of cargo handled each year.

We introduced our RH-490C (ceiling unit) and our RH-220 (mobile duct system) in smoking rooms and passenger washrooms. These units decomposed the heavy cigarette fumes and also the odours in washrooms resulted in remarkable Air Quality (AQ) performance improvement. This provided a comfortable and relaxing environment to the airport passengers and also airport working personnel.

  • Industry – Large public facilities complex – Busy international airport with high people traffic
  • Problem – Air contamination in public areas
  • Solution – RH-490C ceiling and RH-220 duct type units

Athens Naval Hospital, Greece

Histology routines including instrumentation for grossing, embedding and various staining techniques affected air quality, high volumes of formaldehyde fumes , TVOCs and DAB were continuously given off.

The grossing area the VOC concentration was 0.560mg/m³ in a passive environment (instruments switched off), whereas in the rest of the lab was around 0.120mg/m³.

After operating the air treatment units for a night, the concentration of formalin in the grossing area dropped to 0.260mg/m3 whereas in the other area of the lab it was 0.032mg/m3. The concentration continued to decrease as well over successive days.

Staff welcomed the significant reduction in odour and the effects of harmful gases, particularly formaldehyde.

  • Industry – Life Science Sector – Medical – 2 areas of a pathology lab
  • Problem – High levels of formaldehyde, xylene, ethanol and DAB
  • Solution – RHT supplied 2 units of RH-490C ceiling models and one RH-220 duct type unit

Guangzhou No.1 People’s Hospital

Daily histology routines and instrumentation continuously giving off formaldehyde (HCHO) fumes (now classified as a carcinogen), and TVOCs from Xylene and DAB used in special staining techniques.

Demo test results showed high average levels of HCHO/TVOCs at 0.762/2.334mg/m³ before NCCO units installed. These levels dropped significantly to 0.114/0.687mg/m³ with a clearance rate of 85%/71%.

RHT ceiling units – RH-490C were introduced and soon the staff found significant improvement in the lab environment quantitatively and qualitatively.

  • Industry – Life Science Sector – Medical – Pathology
  • Problem – Continuous air contamination of Formaldehyde & VOCs in Histology lab, affecting health of lab personnel
  • Solution – Use of RH-490C ceiling units

Singapore Zoo – Mandai Wildlife Reserve

  • Sector: Commercial
  • Project: Singapore Zoo – Mandai Wildlife Reserve
  • Location(s): Washroom in the zoo park
  • Product(s): 120 units of NCCO Air Purification system
  • Results: Effective removal of unpleasant odour, lower concentration of bacteria. Reduced cost from frequent filter replacements

Mass Transit Railway System (MTR), Hong Kong

  • Sector: Public Transport
  • Project: With MTR, Hong Kong
  • Location: Washrooms in MTR Stations
  • Background: Unpleasant odour in airport restroom
  • Product(s): More than 100 units of NCCO Air Purification system
  • Results: Effective removal of unpleasant odour (Ammonia), lower concentration of bacteria. Improved environment within surrounding area

CPL Aromas (UK) – Perfume Manufacturer

  • Sector: Commercial
  • Project: With CPL Aromas (UK)
  • Location: Factories of CPL Aromas
  • Product(s): 106 units of EC-400 NCCO Air Purification system
  • Results: Effectively removal of excessive perfume aromas within manufacturing area