NCCO Vent Pipe Defender System - RHT
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NCCO Vent Pipe Defender System

NCCO Vent Pipe Defender System is extremely effective in air purification, it removes over 97% bacteria and over 95% of Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC) in the air.

Vent Pipes facilitates spread of Covid-19

Vent pipes are commonly found on residential building rooftops

Anti-siphonage pipes (vent pipes), P-trap, U-shaped pipes are commonly used to balance air pressure

High pressure and airflow of vent pipe

In case of high-speed airflow, a whirlwind is formed in the pipe’s surroundings which causes a downdraft of air

Phenomenon of “Wake Effect”

Occurrence of air turbulence in the re-entrant of top floors may introduce the virus in the rooftop ventilation pipes that serve residential units

Clusters of COVID-19 Infections

Experts have identified a correlation between ventilating pipes in causing clusters in residential buildings

Nano Confined Catalytic Oxidation Technology (NCCO)

Amid the beginning of the pandemic, Hong Kong Plumbing & Sanitary Ware Trade Association Ltd. was aware of the potential risk of vent pipes in spreading the Covid virus. We then collaborated with them to apply our patented NCCO technology on the venting systems of residential buildings with the introduction of our NCCO Vent Pipe Defender. This can be installed easily onto the vent pipes of residential buildings without any modification to their existing system structures (vertical pipe, U-shaped pipes, P-trap etc.) Once applied, the airstream pressure was enhanced in the vertical pipes, preventing leakage of polluted, contaminated air.

The absorbed viral particles in the air would go through a triple filtration process: first through activated oxygen, then HEPA filter and finally our innovative and effective NCCO Reactor Filter. As well as reducing significantly the circulation of Covid-19 viral particles, pollutants and bacteria would also be filtered and then decomposed before the air is released.

Our Solution

The most effective way to prevent the spread of the virus caused by vent pipes circulation is to eliminate bacteria and Covid-19 particles at the source. Therefore, RHT Industries Limited has launched NCCO Vent Pipe Defender (VPD-230) with its patented NCCO technology.

Professionally Designed

Collaborated with vent pipe experts from Hong Kong Plumbing & Sanitary Ware Trade Association Ltd. to design NCCO Vent Pipe Defender

Triple Filtration with High Quality Filters

Filtration quality and effectiveness exceeds the ones found in hospital isolation facilities. It can achieve full disinfection and purification whilst also effectively removing odours.

Easy Installation

VPD-230 can be installed without modifying the structures of existing vertical, P-trap and U-shaped pipes, etc. NCCO is also a truly sustainable and eco-friendly option, with an extremely long filter system lifespan.

The Results

Since the launch of NCCO Vent Pipe Defender (VPD-230), it has been tested out in multiple buildings in Hong Kong, including residential buildings, offices, and schools. The initial results show that NCCO Vent Pipe Defender (VPD-230) is extremely effective in removing more than 97% of bacteria and over 95% of Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC) in the air.