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NCCO Business Solution

Office employees work in the office for at least eight hours a day, therefore maintaining good office air quality is very important, but how to achieve the target? Can an office air purifier improve the situation?

What are the Air Quality Standard in Offices?

Office air quality is actually a rigid indicator recognised by the HKSAR government, the government has passed the “Indoor Air Quality Certification Scheme for Offices and Public Places” (IAQ) as early as 2003. This scheme is benchmarked by the Environmental Protection Department based on the “Air Quality Guidelines” issued by the World Health Organization (WHO), and has established substandard, excellent and good indicators for the indoor air quality of indoor places, including buildings and offices. This indicated actual air quality of office and only organisations with clean air can obtain this official certification.

Common Reasons for Deteriorating Air Quality in Offices

Non-Circulating Air

Closed windows for long causes office air to be un-ventilated with insufficient access to fresh air, such situation can easily cause virus cross infection.


Excessive ozone and dust generated by printing and photocopiers will affect the air quality of the office.

Indoor Air Pollution

Some studies have pointed out that the degree of indoor air pollution is generally higher than that of outdoor air, and the concentration of individual harmful substances is even 100 times higher than that of outdoor air pollution.

Office windows are often closed or not even opened, this fully enclosed environment means that every time employees breathe, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the office will increase, making the office air not ventilated and hiding a large number of bacteria and viruses. Office decoration, furniture and paper will produce harmful compounds such as formaldehyde, dichlorobenzene and toluene, which will degrade the air quality in the office. If an employee is unwell, there is a high chance of cross-infection, especially during the flu epidemic, which will lead to an increase in the rate of employee leave. Even if there is an air conditioner in the office, it cannot improve the air quality of the office, because it is not an office air purifier and has no ability to purify the air. On the contrary, it may bring outdoor pollutants into the office and affect the air quality of the office.

The Importance of Office Air Quality

A displayable air quality certificate and label will be issued by the Environmental Protection Department of the HKSAR Government with maintaining and improving the air quality in the office, which reflected good office air quality, and demonstrated the business’s concern for health.

Why Do You Need to Choose a Good Office Air Purifier?

Improving air quality is an urgent need, be sure to choose an excellent air treatment system that serves you the best. We recommend air purification systems depends on office size, building types, and also original air quality. Filter function, power consumption, air volume and other requirements should be considered when choosing the best air purifier in order to achieve optimum office environment.

Our Office Air Purifiers

We provide a variety of office air purifiers with superior performance to create a clean office environment for you. Check out our recommended models of office air cleaners today.

A hood-type NCCO air treatment system can be installed in the center of air-conditioning system of a commercial building, to filter harmful substances in office air. RH-490C, our ceiling type air treatment system adopts the design of air inlet in the center and air outlet in the surrounding, which is suitable to use in a larger area, and can be operated independently without connecting to other exhaust systems, so as to improve air quality in the office.

Installing fresh air/heat exchange NCCO air purification system in office units can purify outdoor air and to reduce excessive carbon dioxide concentration in the room, as well as adjusting indoor temperature to reduce the use of air conditioning or ventilation systems, and eventually reduce costly electricity consumption. We have several models for commercial or office to tackle the problem of air pollution, and effectively improve the air quality to excellent standard.

Kill Bacteria & Virus

Effectively kills bacteria and viruses and removes volatile organic compounds (VOCs) up to 99.9%

Everlasting Filter

No need to change filters frequently

100% Invented In Hong Kong

Invented in Hong Kong, and has developed to all over the world

Cases of Office Air Cleaning

The headquarters of the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission moved from Central to the East Centre of Hong Kong Island. As the new headquarter they needed to renovate and install new furniture, hence the concentration of formaldehyde and VOCs in the office increased significantly. This caused not only unpleasant and pungent odors, but also degraded the office air quality which would endanger the health of employees. In order to protect the health of employees, the organization installed 42 NCCO ducted office air purifiers in the buildings to effectively and continuously remove harmful pollutants and pungent odors in the office.

In addition, Paul Y. Engineering, a leading construction contractor in Hong Kong, planted plants in the office of the construction site from 2014 to 2015, hoping to improve the air quality index in the office. The company then installed NCCO air purification system at another office site, and air quality was significantly improved. It was in fact awarded the highest level of “Excellence” (New Class) by the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department, which was the first construction site office in Hong Kong receiving an Indoor Air Quality Objective certificate by meeting such a high air quality standard.