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Air Purification System for public washroom

Public toilet is a crowded public place, if air quality is not properly managed, it will easily lead to the growth and spread of bacteria and viruses. Using high-quality air purification system for washroom can effectively improve the situation.

Causes of odor in washroom

It is very important to keep the washroom and toilet clean and odorless, but this has always been a difficulty faced by enterprises that have not installed air purification system for washroom. To solve the problem, we must first understand the problem and figure out the causes behind, there are three main reasons for the odor of toilet:

1. Toilet

Urine or feces around or inside the toilet without flushing well, it would be easy to cause strong odor

2. Wash out pipe

Use soda powder and vinegar to clean and unclog the pipe regularly can prevent the spread of unpleasant odors

3. Poor ventilation

The toilet is poor ventilated and dark for a long time with heavy humidity can easily breed bacteria and viruses and spread them.

Frequently Asked Questions – Air Purification System for public washroom

1. Can exhaust fan solve the ventilation problem?

General household toilet can use exhaust fans to improve the problem of air stagnation, because of its relatively small area and less flow of people. However, the area of public toilets is relatively large and the flow of people is large, therefore the ventilation problem cannot be fundamentally improved by exhaust fans alone.

2. Can general air purifiers solve odor problems?

Some odors can be eliminated with general air purifiers, but to ultimately tackle the issue of odor and smell, we must start with ventilation. In addition, the humidity of the toilet is high, and it is not recommended to place air purifier for long time, it is because the filters are not hydrophilic in general, and long-term moisture may reduce the life and efficacy of the filter. Therefore, to fundamentally solve the problem, a professionally designed air purification system should be used. In response to this problem, RHT Industries Limited has designed different types and functions of commercial air purification system especially for washroom and toilet, which can effectively help enterprises to solve the problem of toilet ventilation and odor.

3. How should I choose a qualified air purification system for washroom and toilet?

We recommend these two types of commercial air purification systems for you:


RH-490C Ceiling Type NCCO Air Purification System – 

No need to connect the ventilation system, it can be easily installed on the ceiling, and it can provide strong air purification performance, which is suitable for public toilets and washroom. It can effectively remove bacteria and viruses in the air and improve air quality to meets the level of safety standards.

RH-220 Ducted Type NCCO Air Purification System – 

The first generation of NCCO air purification products have been widely used in different institutions and different environments. Strong practicability, able to equip with air duct (125mm diameter pipe), unique siphon design makes it’s air extraction ability stronger, more effectively inhaling and decomposing air pollutants such as odor, bacteria, virus, VOCs and formaldehyde.

To create a clean air environment in the toilet, please view our air purification systems for washroom and toilet now:

Case sharing of commercial air purification system for washroom and toilet:

Our air purification system for washroom and toilet have been widely used in different enterprises and public toilets. Air quality tests before and after installation and user feedback have shown that the result of air quality improvement is remarkable.

Leisure and Cultural Services Department

There are more than 800 toilets managed by Leisure and Cultural Department in Hong Kong. The usage is high and most of the toilets in the parks are only equipped with exhaust fans, therefore the air is not ventilated and hence odor problem occurs. There are not only VOCs such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide in the toilet, but also germs and microorganisms. These harmful substances may be inhaled by  human body and thus caused various diseases.

Therefore, the LCSD selected 6 toilets with high usage (Kowloon Tsai Park public toilet, Shek Yam Lei Muk Road Park public toilet, Tin Hau Temple Park public toilet, Yuen Long Hong Lok Road Children’s Playground public toilet, Tai Po Un Chau Tsai Park public toilets, Tsim Sha Tsui Waterfront Park public toilets) to install NCCO air purification system, aimed to improve air quality and improve odor problems. After installation, we also did an air quality test on site and it is proven that installing NCCO air purification system can achieve remarkable results. It can effectively remove particles and gaseous pollutants in the air, killing bacteria and viruses, and improving the air quality of the washroom.

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