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About Us

RHT Industries Limited is a technology company that focuses on the development of sustainable and innovative technologies in material sciences

Our Vision

With NCCO (Nano-Confined Catalytic Oxidation) technology, we provide better quality, longer-lasting and more effective air purification systems. Our aim is to shape the industry to become more energy-saving, sustainable and eco-friendly.

Our Mission

RHT stands for Regeneration, Hope and Trust. Through innovation and dedication, we strive to set the highest standard in air purification. With our passion for engineering and NCCO technology, we intend to provide highly reliable, well-designed and technically excellent products and service. We target to actively collaborate with customers, constantly researching for innovation and establishing unrivaled quality whilst reducing the effect of air pollution on our living and the environment.

RHT aims to combine the advanced overseas technologies using sustainable materials, promoting our brand internationally, and creating a green living environment for the next generation.

Today, NCCO technology is utilized by many companies and industries worldwide, including over 300 medical institutions, and large corporations and organizations.

Our Technology is Sustainable

Our NCCO technology is sustainable in many aspects, where our air treatment process is kind to the environment by not releasing any secondary gaseous pollution into it, and is super eco-friendly when disposing of our technology at the end of its life where there is a natural and non-polluting decay of the filter matter.

Our Reach and Branding

Our RHT branded air treatment systems reach many industries, from Life Science and Healthcare to Perfume manufacturing. We serve Airports, Railway Stations, Hotels and large offices. We also have a b-MOLA branded range of SMART products that are used in households and all our brands use our sustainable NCCO technology.

Our Recognition

RHT was crowned “Best Air Purifying System” by Asia leading interior design magazine Home Journal, among below list of awards.

2020 Anti-epidemic Technology Product Award (The Hong Kong Retail Innovation Award),

2020 Industry Innovation of the Year (ZOL Awards),

2021 Fast and Rising Star Top 20 (Deloitte Hong Kong Technology Fast and Rising Star Award).


We are a leading environment protection company founded in 1998 with our head office based at the prestigious Hong Kong Science and Technology Park.

For many years we have been developing innovative and sustainable technologies that help to protect our environment and also ourselves that live within it.

In cooperation with the member of HKUST Entrepreneurship Program, we converted these exciting and innovative technologies into practical products that enhance our quality of life.

To support our broad range of product offerings that serve many market sectors, we have professionals and specialists that have the relevant proven background together with the knowledgeable assistance of HKUST.

RHT’s professional research team consists of world-class scientists and researchers, from leading universities and research institutions, including the University of British Columbia and the University of Vienna. Our team achieved impressive results in the application of material sciences, and will continue to create innovative materials that will improve our quality of life.

CSR Value

RHT is actively involved in corporate social responsibilities, as the leader of the industry, sustainability is one of our key focuses. We are committed to a mission of sustainability by incorporating ESG factors at company policy level. The first ever project since our establishment was to collaborate with HKUST (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) to develop patented technology NCCO (Nano-Confined Catalytic Oxidation) which tackles air pollution with an innovative approach. NCCO is eco-friendlier and more sustainable compared to other options in the market, which typically uses activated carbon filters with an average service life of 3 to 6 months. This soon creates secondary pollution and industrial wastes. NCCO technology is tested to have a lifespan up to 12 years, which significantly reduces the pollution and wastage in the process of air purification.

It is our commitment to fulfil social responsibilities, our mission is to provide better, innovative solutions for general public by working with big institutions. Our projects such as MTR toilets, smoking lounges of Hong Kong Airport, main Building of HSBC have benefited the mass public. Apart from educating the public on air purification and healthy lifestyle, RHT also stands with public in fighting COVID-19.  We have worked with Jiangsu Centre for Disease Control and Prevention to test NCCO’s effectiveness in eliminating COVID-19 particles, which had a proven success rate of 99.99%.

We rise to the challenge of making a positive difference – at environmental, social, policy level. By turning our innovation into products that are sustainable, eco-friendly and effective, we make sure to bring positive impacts not only to our company, but the society,  environment and better future.

Contact Us

From the perspective of customers, RHT Industries Limited focuses on the safety of customers, the utility of products, and the protection of the natural environment.

We believe better technology creates better products, and ultimately create a better life. This, is the core value of our company.