About Us - RHT
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About Us

RHT Industries Limited thinks from the perspective of customers, focuses on the users’ safety, products’ utility, and the protection of the natural environment. Bringing better products with better technology and ultimately creating a better life for the society.

Company Background

RHT Industries Limited and its subsidiaries are Hong Kong innovative technology companies headquartered in Hong Kong Science Park. Since its establishment in 1998, it has been committed to the development of environmental protection industrial technology, and has an excellent scientific research team, which enables the company to have a more forward-looking vision in the field of air purification technology.

The traditional air cleaning industry generally adopts the technology of “pollution transfer”, which transfers pollutants instead of decomposing them to deal with air pollution, such as high-altitude emission or activated carbon absorbing pollutants. Long-term use will only aggravate environmental pollution and increase meaninglessness. energy consumption.

RHT’s scientific research team worked hard for 20 years and had broken through the shackles of “pollution transfer” and successfully developed the patented technology of NCCO (Nano-Confined Catalytic Oxidation), using a new scientific design and environmental protection thinking to realize the removal of pollutants in the air treatment system. The integration of adsorption and decomposition solves the problem that traditional air treatment operations have been criticized for, and truly purifies the air.

The company’s services have achieved outstanding results in many regions around the world up to now, it has accumulated rich practical experience and engineering contract cases in public institutions, industry, business and private residential industries. As many as 300 hospitals around the world have adopted it, our air purification systems provide protection for medical staff and patients.

RHT is composed of three concepts, namely Regeneration, Hope, and Trust. These three also constitute the brand spirit of RHT. It combines advanced technology of Hong Kong research to create environmentally friendly materials and technology, and is determined to bring new products with better technology. Hope to promote the internationalization of Hong Kong brands, guide the air purification reform in the market, and create a green living environment for the next generation.

Our Vision

With NCCO (Nano-Confined Catalytic Oxidation) technology, we provide better quality, longer-lasting and more effective air purification system. Our aim is to shape the industry to become more energy-saving, sustainable and eco-friendly.

Our Mission

RHT stands for Regeneration, Hope and Trust. Through innovation and dedication, we strive to set the highest standard in air purification. With our passion for engineering and NCCO technology, we intend to provide highly reliable, well-designed and technically excellent products and service. We target to actively collaborate with customers, constantly researching for innovation and establishing unrivalled quality whilst reducing the effect of air pollution on our living and the environment.

RHT aims to combine the advanced overseas technologies using sustainable materials, promoting our brand internationally, and creating a green living environment for the next generation.

Our Goal

Educate the society to re-understand the needs and applications of air purification technology, change the market ecology and bring better life with better technology.


Established in H.K.


Participation in the entrepreneurship program of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


One of the major testing institutions of Indoor Air Quality(IAQ) in H.K. NCCO technology was invented and accredited International patents


NCCO has been applied to garbage station, public toilets of government projects and the smoking room of HK airport


NCCO has been applied to commercial MTR, HSBC, IFC


RHT/ b-MOLA Brand created


NCCO Air Purification System entered medical market


b-MOLA brand enter into the consumer market in HK


b-MOLA brand become the 1st local brand of air purification consumer products. Started enter into the global market such as the Mainland China, Asia Pacific countries and North America


Over 300 global hospitals have applied NCCO technology to safe guard their medical staffs. This technology can be found in retails such as Walmart in Canada


RHT and b-MOLA have gone global in an all-round way, providing high-quality air purifiers for global users