Air Purification Industry Researches the NCCO Epidemic Prevention Mobile Cabin - RHT
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Air Purification Industry Researches the NCCO Epidemic Prevention Mobile Cabin

As of the end of March, a total of 7,207 people died in the fifth wave of the epidemic. In fact, 56% of them lived in nursing homes or institutions for the disabled, exposing the serious shortage of medical conditions in related facilities. During the epidemic, most elderly people can only stay in nursing homes. In the absence of medical support, many elderly people die without waiting for treatment. The situation is worrying. In response to this situation, RHT Industrial has developed an “Epidemic Prevention Mobile Shelter”. The long-term goal is to reduce the risk of illness and death of the elderly and relieve the medical pressure of the nursing home.

Missions and Visions

  • Limited resources of hospitals and elderly centres cannot cater patients under the pandemic
  • “In-house isolation” would be the new trend – to set up temporally isolation zone to reduce the cross-infection without affecting daily operation of the elderly centres during pandemic
  • To offer a safety area for staff to rest
  • Can be used as a personal canteen for person to have meal inside
  • Can be used as a guest visiting or doctor diagnosing area

NCCO Anti-epidemic Mobile Cabin – Technology Advantages

  • The only technology proven by the national authority, can kill up to 99.98% covid 19
  • Movable negative pressure system, simultaneously inflow and outflow to control airflow, ensure fewer than 14 air changes per hour
  • Dismountable and easy for storage, can be reused when necessary
  • Adopted NCCO Technology to kill viruses and bacteria, a sustainable technology where its reactants are recyclable